Magento provides various Modules for proper running of E-commerce business

Updated: August 30, 2016

When choosing for a PHP-based online e-commerce website Magento has been the first choice. It is a free source that offers various modules to efficiently running an online store. Magento seo module is very friendly and with little knowledge, anyone can become a pro. There is not one but many modules specially created to choose from. Every e-commerce site needs a different seo module and to fulfill this requirement Magento has all the answers. SEO is used to make the searches easy. If a person wants to buy anything they only put the product name on any search engine. Thus with the help of Magento seo module, the search engine will show the top websites on the first result page. Even if the e-commerce website is good but without the effective seo modules there will not be much traffic in the online store.

Here are some basic SEO modules that can be used:


  • SEO Suite Ultimate: This is a basic Magento modules that contain all the essential needed SEO tools. It solves the problem of having many duplicate contents. Crawlers become more active, HTML and XML sitemaps and Cross-linking for external websites. There is also an inbuilt 11 types of SEO templates for proper optimization of metadata. For purchasing, you have to pay $299.
  • SEO Suite Ultimate: It offers advanced Rich Snippets and easy usable Metadata optimizer. SEO pages for product reviews with navigated layered pages. Availability for both internal and external cross-linking and site maps for HTML and XML. There are also many other basic features to enjoy from. Purchasing price is $249.
  • SEO Meta Templates: Use various SEO Metatemplates for creating product and category pages. Put your own product description and also generate your own SEO templates with the use of Magento Cron. Make a test run of the templates before applying it to the e-commerce website. It is available at an easy purchase price of $99.
  • SEO Suite Pro: If you are analyzing that the e-commerce website needs a higher ranking SEO tool go for SEO Suite Pro. It is a professional Magento modules that help to enhance the performance rank of a website. It is much faster and has advanced tools for XML and HTML sitemaps. New add-ons are added every time when there is a new change founded. It helps to check for duplicate contents and they can be easily removed. It also provides an easy and reliable platform for Rich snippet-optimizer. For Just $149 you can purchase it.
  • Advance SEO Configuration Service: There is always room for some extra tools that are needed to be added for extra smooth performance. This module can be purchased as an extension and with power tools your website will have no problem at all. Use Professional SEO auditing for your site and also personalize the configuration of extension. Cross-links can be changed or optimized at any time and set tags for reflang in alternate URLs. Google and Bing Webmaster setup tools are also present. With other many things, this amazing module is priced at $199 only.