iPhone 12 still excels in technology even though it has some drawbacks

Updated: January 25, 2021
iPhone 12 still excels in technology even though it has some drawbacks

It cannot be denied that the iPhone is the king of today’s smartphones with all its exclusivity. iPhone is considered to be more elegant and classy than its competitors, Android. Not only that, by using an iPhone one’s prestige will increase several fold. The latest buy iPhone 12 from Apple, especially with a larger battery capacity than its predecessor. That is the reason why many people use iPhone as their communication tool.

Behind all the advantages and sophistication of this god specification Smartphone, it also has several drawbacks. Here’s a little review about the shortcomings of the iPhone.

  1. Limited storage memory. As it is known that the iPhone also has limitations in terms of certain storage capacities. The capacities vary between 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and even 128GB. This is what makes iPhone storage memory limited. The reason is, you will never know how much storage capacity is needed on your cellphone. You also definitely cannot increase the memory by adding an external MMC. And this is considered quite detrimental to active iPhone users.
  2. Closed ecosystem. The ecosystem on this iPhone is very closed. This can cause a knife effect, on the one hand, your device data will be very safe. Meanwhile, on the other hand, it will be very inconvenient because you have to memorize all iTunes passwords and so on.
  3. Complicated. Especially when you try to move data on your phone to another device. It’s not that easy if you are using Android. Transferring data from iPhone to other devices requires certain techniques that not everyone understands. But even worse on the iPhone 4. How could I not, this iPhone 4 series has iOS which sometimes can no longer receive various application updates.
  4. In this iPhone 12 series, when compared to other brands, the flagships issued by other brands have a much larger battery than the iPhone. Even though iOS is famous for its very friendly performance on its battery. But it would be nice if it has the same battery capacity as other flagship brands, which is above 5000mAh. In addition, other brands can even equip their smartphones with chargers with capacities over 20W with an average “full charge speed in just 60 minutes.
  5. Maybe the zoom doesn’t really matter to some users. However, it cannot be denied that the existence of a zoom lens is very important and quite needed by many people, especially for photography enthusiasts with only their cellphone cameras.

But over time, the iPhone continues to develop and improve its technology in the world of gadgets or smartphones. Therefore, it’s no wonder, behind all the releases of the iPhone series and behind all these shortcomings, the iPhone still hasn’t lost its fans. Every iPhone series that is released always achieves satisfying sales figures.