How To Teach Online In 2021

Updated: November 2, 2021
Top 4 Tips For Selling Online Courses

‘Teach online and earn’, doesn’t it sound exciting?

Teaching has always been considered as one of the most boring & monotonous professions. We never ever imagined that innovation and technology could transform it into an interesting and fun profession. Elearning has experienced tremendous growth over the past few years especially, after the lockdown of 2020. Covid 19 has developed a pathway for the growth of the EdTech Industry.

The entire education system would have collapsed if the EdTech industry would have not been there. 2021 is about to end & as of now, we can conclude that online education is here to stay.

The Edtech sector is booming because the demand for online courses is ever rising. Many entrepreneurs & educators have launched their online courses & because of that the competition has increased tremendously.

In this blog, I am going to share a step-by-step guide on how you can start teaching online.

Steps to teach online in 2021

1- Choose your Niche

If you want to launch your online course, choosing your course topic is going to be the first step that you will take in that direction. Maybe you are a person who is good at doing multiple things but you can not teach all of them to your learners. Choose a topic that you can teach repeatedly. Along with that, make sure that you have in-depth knowledge of that topic. Figure out if there is a demand for the niche that you have chosen or not because if there is no one who would be willing to purchase it, you will feel devastated.

Therefore, you should pick a topic which is a combination of knowledge, passion & market.

2- Validate Your Course Idea

Once you choose your niche, try to validate your online course idea. Interact with like-minded people to validate your course idea. During your webinars or live sessions on social media, tell your audience that you are thinking about launching your online course. Tey to arouse interest in them around your niche and then disclose the topic.

Directly ask them questions like:

  • Are they interested in the course topic?
  • If they would like to purchase your course or not?
  • If yes, then how much amount they would be willing to pay for it?

Top 4 Tips For Selling Online Courses

Ask for suggestions or feedback from your audience so that you can know what they expect from your course.

3- Choose an LMS

Choose a platform to host your online courses. Decide the features that you want and the amount of money that you are willing to spend. Choose an LMS as per your requirements & budget. Multiple options are there but I would recommend Spayee as they ensure 100% content security & provide excellent features at affordable prices.

3- Start Creating Your Course Content

Once you select the LMS, start creating your online course content. Decide on the course format and all the topics that you want to add to your online course. Use a combination of audio, video, slideshows, and practical methodologies to make it more engaging and interactive.

Go for a platform that supports multiple content formats, you can choose Spayee. It supports various content formats and along with that, Spayee provides all the advanced features even in their basic plan.

While creating your course content, also plan a marketing strategy. Analyze different strategies & pick a few out of them.

Once you have created the course & published it on LMS, implement your marketing strategy and launch your online course with a bang!