How To Fix and Avoid Printer Paper Jams

Updated: March 9, 2017
paper jam in the printer

The printer is also one of the most useful devices in the offices as well as other areas. There are many people who need to have frequent printing because of record keeping and other tasks. However, the worst situation for such users is the paper jam in the printer when one really wants to have some quick printouts. Paper jam is the most ordinary trouble with every printer irrespective of type and brand. However, with little tricks and techniques, one can overcome this trouble immediately and get back the printer to the job.

A few important tips:

  1. First of all one need to switch off the power as soon as the paper jam comes to the notice. This can help to prevent the further damage to the printer.
  2. In case the paper jam is not yet clearly visible, one can open the upper layer and see inside. This can help one get a better picture. One can see where the paper is jammed exactly and remove it from there. However, one must be careful while removing the paper as one must not insert anything with a sharp edge as it can harm the printer. One must not exercise too much pressure also as it can also damage the printer parts. If despite opening the upper layer paper is not visible one can open the back cover to know the position of the printer.
  3. While going for the paper removal, one needs to remove the paper tray first. Once the jammed paper is seen, just try to pull it out in the direction of the printer when it sends the printed paper out. One must be careful not to do it in an opposite way.
  4. While pulling the paper out, just exercise the reasonable force and don’t try hard to pull the paper. Over pulling can lead the paper to get it Hence, one just needs to roll the roller and pull the paper out.
  5. As soon as the paper is out, just check that not even a single piece is left on the roller or any other area. Just restart the printer. Before starting the printer see that all the covers and tray, as well as other parts, are completely fixed.
  6. Despite all these actions, if one is not able to resolve the issue yet, he just needs to ask an expert for the support.

paper jam in the printer

There are a few tips that can help to prevent the paper jam in the printer.

  1. Just use the best quality paper. Keep the paper inside the pack and save it from moisture and oil.
  2. Don’t feed too many papers at a time in the paper tray. While keeping the paper in the tray, just check that paper sheets are not stuck to each other.
  3. Check that the tray is fixed properly and alignment of the same is also proper. One must not mix different size of papers at a time. Go for one type of paper at one time only.