How do you define the best parental control app?

Updated: July 24, 2017

How? There are a lot of things really and in this article, we will elaborate each that can define the best parental app. We won’t define it on subjective definitions like the price, use and such because these are subjective.

The price can be expensive to some and some would even think that the price is reasonable; the use is also subjective because it’s a matter of being in tune with technology. We will define this instead on the features. Because features are the deal breaker or the selling point of an app. It’s what also will determine if an app is perfect for that person or not.

SMS monitoring: This is purely black ops for parents. This will help you get messages directly to your device when someone will message your kid. So you know who is contacting your kid and why they are making contact.

Geofencing:  from the word itself, its purpose is to help you make a digital fence to help track your kid’s location. If they breach a fence you will know, so you don’t go blind on where your kid is heading.

GPS: The non-negotiable feature of a parental control app, most used and the best feature of a PC app. This helps track your kid whenever you want to, wherever they are.

best parental control app

Block calls: You don’t want your kid to receive any calls from suspicious numbers? With this feature, you can control who can contact your kid. No more strangers contacting your kids without you knowing it either, with this feature you are in full control.

Block apps: Apps like Tinder and twitter are a no no for kids, so before your kids can even stumble and download these apps, block it before they have an opportunity to download on their device.

Panic button: If your kid is lost, with the panic button they can call for help. If a kid presses or taps this panic button a message will automatically be sent to your device along with the location of your kid. This is the most helpful feature during emergency situations and can hasten the search.

Internet filter: The internet is more dangerous than an app, with this feature you can filter the sites that your child can go to. You will be able to control which sites your kids will visit. No more worrying if your kid is surfing inappropriate sites because you took care of that already.

These are the features that should be included on a parental control app. Some apps only offer one of a few of these features and you have to download another PC app in order to get the other functions. But there is an app that has all of these. It’s called Kidgy by Kidgy is a revolutionary and fun PC app that parents would love. A ton of features and very easy to use. If you open the app you will be hooked on using it right away. Many parents have already downloaded and experienced the benefit of this app. Now it’s your turn and download yours.