Bulk messaging and its importance to companies

Updated: April 10, 2018

We live in a world that relies on information being passed around, this exchange usually happens within a time-span of a few seconds. Companies and organizations are reliant on this fast passing of information to work efficiently. At times due to the vast number of mobile network users, certain communiqué might not go through the internet, as failsafe measure companies send information and alerts via text messages.

This process is called bulk messaging and there are services dedicated to sending these around called bulk SMS gateways. They offer companies tons of other features to make their services stand out more and give it a better appeal. The best SMS gateway provider in India send over hundreds of millions of SMS daily and do so with perfection. They have multiple backup and support systems to ensure that each recipient gets the message.

There are many services available and in order to select the best for the company, one needs to look at the features offered and some of the better services offer the following:

  • Gatekeeper servers: These servers protect the sender from crashes and failed deliveries in case of extra traffic and ensuring SMS is treated like an individual order.
  • Robust infrastructure: The best services send millions of SMS daily; they have dedicated servers that handle each SMS like it is the only one they are sending.
  • Variable add-ons: With a great service, features such as sending SMS via spreadsheets, excel plug-ins and much more comes free.
  • Great Pricing: Most services are cheap and can be very efficient despite being easy on the pockets.
  • Calibrated algorithms: The engineers working at the services ensure that the algorithm used to deliver messages on time is accurate and they also make adjustments for volume and time if needed.
  • Smart tracking solutions: Certain services offer a read receipt and other salient features in order to track the delivery of an SMS. This can include SMS logs, delivery times and even failed recipients and much more.
  • Safeguarding the sender: Most services use a virtual number and have various policies in order to protect the number and identity of the client sender. This policy is also strictly enforced on the staff to protect their clients.
  • Superb support: There always professionals on standby ready to help with any emergency and query, via on live chat or over the phone. They are usually available 18×7.

There are many more features which can be very beneficial to companies if they decide to opt for such a service. Another one on offer is called a transactional SMS; this is different from a traditional bulk SMS as it can be sent at any time of the day by the sender. It is usually reserved for use during emergency and alerts. Banks, educational institutes and even the railways use these services. There are dedicated services that only offer transactional SMS gateway India, and one can find the best ones by doing a very simple Google search. Companies can then choose the relevant options based on the budget and requirements.