Best employee scheduling solution on the web

Updated: November 17, 2016

Running a business cannot be a simple and easy task as it involves with lots of calculations and estimations. Computing employee’s working hours and payroll manually can be pretty difficult and hard in nature. It takes more time and efforts when there are more numbers of employees in your business organization. Business people who want to get rid of these time-consuming tasks can consider about electronic time sheet calculator as it is measured to be the best and efficient solution next to manual calculations. Time clock wizard is the most excellent employee management system that lets you to transform the whole way you run business. Start tracking time at no cost so that you can save your business expenses. It is probable to track employee time from several devices. Time clock wizard has spent lots of hours and attempts for creating the simplest and most exact online worker time clock system in the globe. Make use of the website makes it calculation of employee hours and payroll will never be the hard.


Wonderful features in employee system

Features included in the software makes you to control the device usage of your employees. Managers have capability to set up clock-ins and clock-outs. In addition, you will get the option to round to the closest minute or more. Real time notifications will be received by the managers via email or text when there are unscheduled attempts in clock-ins or clock-outs. It is possible to create a whole staff schedule in matter of minutes with the use of timesheet calculator. Time clock wizard provides the most excellent employee scheduling solution on the internet.

It is measured to be a perfect option for all sorts of businesses. It does not a matter whether your business is small or big as you can make use of this software in an efficient manner. User-friendly interface in the website makes it to create day to day, weekly or monthly plan for employees. Workers can also request for shift changes and even alter their shifts with other workers by means of dashboard. Some other exciting features are also included in the software like request vacation time, paid time off benefits and much more.

All inclusive reports in your pocket

Keep your entire payroll department in your concise with the use of time clock wizard. Payroll reports make sure about payments comprising bonuses, OT and reimbursements. Time sheet reports determine general timings, employee notes and GPS locations. Schedule reports outline the working hours of employees. PTO reports review utilized and outstanding paid time off for all workers. It is possible to download all inclusive reports in different form of files. Managers can update the contact information like addresses, phone numbers and a lot of their employees by means of employee contact reports. Using the time clock wizard, it is probable to organize everything you require to complete in your project. Remain on track about employee working hours and make sure that they have attained their goals or not. Mangers can assign particular tasks to individuals and can create due-dates.