Benefits of NRG Acoustics HJ-17

Updated: November 25, 2016

Enjoy the Most Authentic quality of your audio with NRG Acoustics HJ-17. The most highly efficient and realistic sound that one can imagine is now here. With NRG Acoustics HJ-17, enjoy the incredible sound depth and state-of-the-art surround sound, that let you access everything – all in one place. With this system, you’ll find remarkably functional, yet elegant home theatre systems. Enjoy the studio-quality sound with high resolution audio. It is the best system for people who have a passion for music.

Redefining the sound of your home entertainment with NRG Acoustics HJ-17 Home Theatre system to bring the power of the cinema to your very own space. Enjoy all your favourite music, scene, or even movies that sound lifelike in every detail. The system automatically adjusts to television sound settings to give you an immersive listening experience, so that you can hear dialogue, music, and surround effects with greater definition and clarity. The higher resolution audio makes music, audio, and sound its best.



NRG Acoustics HJ-17 Home Theater comes with 2000 Watts Total System Power and Long Throw Pure Bass Driver. It is a 5.1 Channel Compatible along with Multi-Directional Satellites with Wall Mounting Brackets. It is designed with Gold Plated Connectors. It is also MP3/Smart Phone and HD Compatible. This sound system offers the most user friendly device that can operate with ease.

Audio Features:

If you’re looking for a convenient way to listen to music and you want to hear  that is digitized, then this multi-driver technology allows speakers to give you a complete dynamic surround sound system. This music system gives a cutting edge technology along with its HD Series Home Theater Systems. It is a multi-device connectivity for home or professional use. It’s enriching sound processing quality provides sound from the 360 radius within the horizontal plane. It is  able to connect to computer, playstation, phone, tv and home projector.


The main scope of the usage is for larger multichannel surround sound to enable the creation of an audio-environment for all variety s of purposes. This Multi channel audio technique is used in reproducing the contents such as music, speech, natural or synthetic sounds for television, cinema, broadcasting, or PC systems. The various connectivity features offered by this system, it also features an active performance with the use of multichannel approaches of the context connected either with-in musical theatre, an open-air event, or for a film particular technique or even as a home cinema system.

Any Other Features:

Other features of this system are the material that is typically a fabricated noise produced by the computer device in interaction with its user. Let the sound take you to there while you’re at home. Bring home the audio experience that feels like you’re standing in the front of the sound. It is a surround sound system that completes the picture. A great sounding music system in one step along with clean and clear audio.