Introducing: The Hottest BNW Acoustic Speakers in 2017

Updated: October 9, 2017

Tired of your old home theater set up? Then you need to let go of the old ones and open your eyes to what the new technology has to offer. With the rapid development around us, everything is changing for the better. Even our home appliances are developed for superb experience and promote customer satisfaction. Sticking to what we were used to will not let us grow.

This is the new beginning! BNW Acoustics and the HD Series Professional Home Systems will make that change for you.  It’s time to make a difference. Make your family’s home theater experience last a lifetime.

HD Series Home Theater Systems: What’s Hot?

HD Series Home Theater Systems has a wide variety of products for you to choose from, depending on what you need. Each of the home theater systems that they offer will surely promise better experience.


  • BNW Acoustics KS-15 Home Theater System

This home theater system has a 1500 Watt total system output using IA 5.1-SC Hybrid cables. It has a 5.1 channel decoding receiver and a universal tuner link antenna. This system is easy to set up since it comes with a TV or Table Mount stand for a center channel and a wall and ceiling mount swivel bracket for satellites. The best thing about BNW Acoustics KS-15 Home Theater System is the fact that it is programmed to be compatible with MP3, MP4, CD, and DVD., High Definition viewing is the “it” these days. Good thing this home theater system is HDTV compatible.

  • BNW Acoustics VS-22 Home Theater System

This sleek home theater system has a 1500 watt total system output. Unlike the other theater systems, it has a built-in Class D powered decoding receiver. It has an on-screen display with HDTV compatibility. FM tuner is built-in with automatic 20 stations preset memory tuning. Its digital interface receiver supports input/output terminals for an audio video system. BNW Acoustics VS-22 Home Theater System is also compatible with Blue Stream Technology with a wave connect compatibility.

  • BNW Acoustics SX-90 Home Theater System

This new home theater system has a 2500 watt total system output. It comes with a built-in 5.1 channel powered decoding receiver, on-screen LCD bracket display, with a built-in FM tuner which has automatic 20 stations preset memory tuning. Like the other BNW home theater systems, this unit is also HDTV compatible with a 3.5 mm direct input for MP3, MP4 players. It also has a digital interface receiver that supports input or output terminals for any A/V system.

  • BNW Acoustics TL-7 Home Theater System

This classy home theater system has a total system output of 2200 watt. It comes with a long throw pure-bass driver and 5.1 channel compatibility. BNW Acoustics TL-7 Home Theater System has multi-directional satellites and is using premium audio cables only. This is easy to set-up with its wall mounting brackets. This system is user-friendly because of it MP3 and smartphone compatibility.

Any appliance that we are using and spend our money for should be worth it. BNW ACOUSTICS SPEAKERS will provide you with a long list of products that you can choose from that will surely fit your needs and lifestyle. What are you waiting for? Choose BNW Acoustics, where quality is at its best!