The phenomenon of Instagram

Updated: May 31, 2017

Instagram is one of the popular social media platforms. This social media allows anyone to post images or videos of a certain size. Instagram has been on the Internet for years and is a modern platform that is often used as an effective promotion medium. Instagram recognizes what are called “followers”. This is a term for people who follow an account. The more followers the more popular an account. Popular Instagram accounts are valuable because they can be used for financial purposes such as promoting products and services.

Every Instagram user is vying to get a lot of popularity. The underlying reasons vary, just popularity to increase sales. The strong desire of most Instagram users to find as many followers as possible causes a new phenomenon, namely the emergence of many follower service providers. They are able to make an account get a lot of followers for certain rewards. You can buy Instagram followers anytime you want. This article will highlight this phenomenon and also the reason why getting a lot of followers is very important for anyone who wants to use Instagram optimally.

According to some reliable surveys, there are at least four benefits that can be taken when you have a large number of followers:

The phenomenon of Instagram 1

Attracting visitors
By having many followers then you will tend to be shown more often and thus have more chances to be followed by people who even did not know you before. Mutual friends increase your Instagram chances to be seen by people.

Enlarge business opportunities
If you sell products and services online, then Instagram is one of the best promotional methods. Instagram lets you post your product list as often as you want. By using this exciting platform you can introduce your products targeted or even randomly. As explained above, the more popular you are the more often your post is displayed. The more popular you are, the more you get “follow requests” from people associated with your followers. Instagram works with the same principles as Facebook works. The more popular you are, the more often you are recommended to the people associated with your followers.

When you have very many followers then you will get many requests from many sellers to promote their products through your account. Of course in return the amount of money determined from the agreement. The deal in question depends on how popular you are and what kind of product you sell. This kind of business is usually called endorsement business. The endorsement has become a popular business lately, supported by the development of various online social media platforms.

Show who you are
Of course all is not always related to money. You can strengthen your personal image by having lots of followers. By having lots of followers then people will look at you in different ways. They will see you as an important person and certainly this can bring many benefits in the future. Popularity tends to benefit people.

We hope this article can provide a view that popularity in cyberspace can be positive in the real world.