Use magento plug-in to improve your site’s traffic

Updated: May 18, 2017

The arrival of the internet and technologies has made a lot of revolutionary changes in all the departments of the world. People have also used it even for making purchases of the groceries to registering the will. Therefore, the electronic commercial shops are targeting the internet as their reliable platform for marketing their business. In order to make your business site to be so attractive and grabbing the attention of people, it should be designed with the perfect tools. Obviously, the Magento can be the fantastic platform for designing and decorating your business website. Nearly, two third of all the economic websites have used this Magento to enrich its design. Since, Magentp plugins comes along with the package, it is so useful for building and managing the most effective ecommerce store.

Why Magento is right platform to use?

If you are using the Magento to power your ecommerce store, you can definitely explore the various kinds of the extensions and plugins to use. These tools can surely helpful to take your online shop to the next level.

Well, the magento extensions and the plugins are the collection of the tools that can give you the help for adding extra functionality to your website. With the help of this magento platform, you can definitely improve your business, sales and profit by attracting more and more customers. When you have used the mageto extensions, you can procure so many features like as follows.

  • Improving the sales of your business
  • Accelerating the customer’s experience
  • Back end and admin functionalities
  • Increasing the traffic to the site
  • Social media marketing
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Email marketing
  • Security

Use magento plug-in to improve your site’s traffic

These are the utmost features that you can avail when you have used the magento for designing your website.

Useful plug-ins to attain for designing your site

Apart from these features, the magento comes with a certain kind of the plug-in which are extremely wonderful to make your business functionality to be awesome. Let’s see some essential plugins that you need to use in your platform here.

Shipworks – Normally, shipping is the tedious works for the online retailers throughout the world. To make easy of this task, the shipwork plug-in offers the various functionalities like label creation, email communication to update the order status and more.

Zopim live chat – Today, no online users want to spend the fraction of time in loading of the pages to get the respond. So, this Zopim live chat can offer you the magento powered chat to speed up the response time in the easiest manner.

Fontis securepay – Security is the most important thing to be considered by the users. Hence, the Magentp plugins of Fontis securepay can give you the assistance for making your secure shopping within the site.

Magic zoom – It is not a surprising fact that every user wants to know about their product which is going to buy. So, the plug-in of Magic zoom can help the customers to zoom any kinds of the products which are available over online store.

Including these plug-ins, there are some other plug-ins are also offered to give you the excellent features.