Link Building and Why It Is Important

Updated: July 24, 2018
Link Building and Why It Is Important

The SEO concept is ever changing and link building is an SEO concept that has generated much interest today and with good reason. Link building has become an issue to be addressed by site owners and developers alike if they are to remain competitive in the online space. Our aim is to help you understand link building better and to improve on the quality and use of links.

What is Link Building?

Link building is a strategy used to generate traffic to your site. It has the advantage of increasing your online presence. With every click on your website’s link, there is a signal sent out to Google’s algorithms. Among other considerations, the algorithm interprets the regular clicks as the quality of a site. This works to improve your rankings. Any business in the online space will attest to the value of good ranking. As such, link building is one aspect of SEO strategy that forms the basis for generating referral traffic and increases the site’s authority. Click over here now to read on further.


Link building’s Significance

Link building has a direct impact on Google rankings. The basic concept shows that the more your links appear on other sites and are clicked on, the more the referral traffic is generated to your website. It follows that your site scores better than the competition if your site has more links when compared to your rivals. Think of it from a marketing perspective. The more foothold your company has against its rivals in the marketing space, the more likely your firm has more clients.

However, for you to harness link building’s full potential, you should consider these factors.

  • The authority and trust of linking pages. Be careful of the pages you link your site to. Most people use several sites to link to. This does work. However, the results do not compare to when a site is linked to an authority in the online circles.
  • The quality of your anchor text. The anchor text should be visible to the user on the webpage. The user should relate the anchor text to your site for it to be effective.


Link Building Strategies

Any link building strategy worth implementing should border between working on relationships with other sites and developing your own brand. That said, there are particular strategies proven to be effective and worth adopting. They include –

  • Review and Mentions – Utilize people or brands with a large online presence to mention and occasionally review your products. These may include opinion shapers, bloggers or individuals commanding a significant social media presence.
  • Promotion of Content – Content creation and promotion are twofold. The content you produce should be unique, useful, and of high quality. Similarly, the links you promote on your site should have content that follows the same rules.
  • The relevance of Partners – It is unrewarding, if not of insignificant value, to link to or link pages that do not relate to or complement your site. The ideal situation requires you to use partners whose sites relate to yours.

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