It’s Time to Use SEO Tool to Examine Your Website

Updated: May 4, 2017

What you do for your business is very important but at the same time it is equally vital to know where you stand in the market or what your competitors are into, if you do not keep up with your rivals than it can become difficult to survive in the cut-throat competitive world. You may visit to get your website analyzed without any hassles.

What is SEO:

In such a technologically connected and highly competitive race what comes to your rescue is SEO- Search Engine Optimization. It is an entire process of various strategies, methodologies and procedures to attract more number of visitors to your website. This is attained by making sure to be on top results of various search engines.

SEO will not only benefit you to architect your website but will also aid in attracting crude traffic. This process also helps in fixing if any broken links on your existing website or any visual deficit that can be fixed which in return crawl more visitors.


These days there are numerous SEO Tools available online. These sites can instantly give a complete analysis of your website:

It can give a detailed description on how to change and make your website livelier and connected to your viewers. Opting for website analyzing with is always a good idea. It also gives a brief picture about:

  • Areas to improve: There is always a scope of improvement and betterment. SEO Tool has that magic wand which tells on the areas that can be worked on to make the website better in all possible ways.
  • How to increase your social visibility: It is mandatory these days to have a full-fledged visibility on social media too. Not restricting to your business class and engaging with all the groups is the magic mantra of today.
  • How to place the Keywords: It is crucial to place the keywords correctly. How you place and where you place is important. Inappropriately place keywords will not help to attract any viewers and visitors.
  • Compare number of backlinks of two websites: Going by the definition of Backlinks, it is a hyperlink to go to another page from one page. This has a huge impact on coming on top of search results. This is no doubt one of the most prominence factors to improve SEO ranking.
  • Spy competitors’ keyword: It is vital to keep your keywords correctly but at the same time it is also crucial to know where and how your competitors have used the keywords. This helps to get a good idea as to how to attract competitors’ viewers too.
  • Cost Per click: This is also known as Pay-Per-Click or PPC. This is an advertising model, in which a company can advertise on search engines and also on social media to attract traffic by displaying ads that has relevance to the content.

Use SEO Tools to do justice to your online visibility and get maximum traffic to your website. Increase your customer base and multiply your clients and get into utmost business profits of all time.