Should You Outsource Content Writing?

Updated: February 28, 2017
Outsource Content Writing

Getting the right content is often hard. And this is more so in the case of many businesses which are perpetually struggling to consistently create top-quality content which is capable of engaging their respective target audiences and in achieving organizational goals. The bottom line, however, is that if you feel that your content – despite all your sincere efforts — is not yielding the desired results, it’s time to outsource.

Outsourcing content has worked wonders in the B2B segment. Statistics show that 44% B2B marketers resort to outsourcing content creation while nearly 57% of B2B marketers of technology outsource their content writing, editing, design and distribution efforts as and when required.

When you outsourcing your content requirements to an external agency like Contentmart, say, you are actually hiring experts specializing in and catering to your exact needs. Moreover, as you outsource your content requirement to a trusted agency, your abilities to scale are limited only by your budget and not your internal team’s personnel resources or time. This is particularly helpful in the case of fast-growing startups.

When you outsource, custom technology empowers your team. In other words, the external agency, say, Contentmart focuses on collaborative and effective content creation which enables you to use its tools instead of using general software that fails to meet your definite needs. Also, you are not having to construct your own technology network or team that requires significant financial investment, talent and  time. For instance, a client may get access to the content vendor’s proprietary content-creation technology for viewing content analytics as also showcasing all published content on its public profile. This makes the whole process easier, more transparent and more enjoyable definitely.

You may have a crack team of content writers who are simultaneously involved in numerous marketing initiatives and are obviously burdened with huge work pressure. This may lead to a situation where content creation, its management & distribution may not be on time and of the best quality always. This is where outsourcing ensures timely, efficient and high-quality content. Thus, you save valuable time and money. To tackle time crunches, using a set template for knowledge management also helps in streamlining your efforts at content creation also.

However, it always pays to remember that before you outsource your content, you need to ask yourself a few basic questions: Does the external agency have the required knowledge for my job? Does it’s style fit in with my business and/or brand? How long has it been in the business of content creation and what are their proven results? What is the experience and skills of its team of writers? Will it help me achieve my goals? Are they cost efficient?

Outsource Content Writing

Moreover, you need to be selective about the agency relationship type. There are basically 3 agency relationship types that help you to decide what you actually need to make your outsourced content work in your favor:

Curator: The content curator collects, organizes and delivers relevant content on social platforms which helps you develop a following. His work is generally confined to blogs and electronic newsletters.

Implementer: The implementer takes a documented strategy and subsequently executes the overall content creation. A team of writers churn out articles that are based on your specific parameters like quality, cost and time. A preferred option for companies that want to produce large quantities of average content fast.

Partner: The partner handles everything ranging from developing strategy to creating content, editing, analytics, publishing and distribution. The partner agency often assigns content strategists, account managers, editors and writers who first analyze your organizational goals and audience before creating the required content.