How Google “Allo” Will Affect Whatsapp?

Updated: May 12, 2018
How Google “Allo” Will Affect Whatsapp

Google Allo, the following big sensation in the social media world, is here! Google was unvoiced all this while however the product that they have acquired is one of their most intelligent moves.

Google Allo was released on September 20th 2016 and they as of now have near around 100 thousand downloads with some incredible reviews around the web. Whatsapp which is world’s most utilized immediate messenger has in excess of 1 billion active users. This platform was gradually and consistently taken its journey to motivate Facebook to secure.

There are a few messaging apps which are the part of our day by day life like Whatsapp, Facebook messenger etc. In any case, Allo may very well be headed to take the spotlight. In this article you would learn coolest features that will incite you to download Google Allo without a doubt.


Say hello to personal assistant

This application gives you your own one of a kind individual assistant with whom you can have a one-on-one chat off course.  You can simply move from talking about dinner with companions to making plans for the night, right in your chat. Simply type @google to add the Assistant to your group chat and request for local restaurants, movie times, and more.

Taking privacy to the next level
The privacy and security of chats has been taken to next level by Allo. Their chats are encoded utilizing industry standard advancements like Transport Layer Security (TLS). However, similar to the web program Google Chrome has an incognito mode, you can go incognito on Allo also. When you chat in this mode, messages have end-to-end encryption and extra privacy highlights like the chat history will vanish after you have completed the discussion, contingent upon the termination time you have set.

Smart and quick replies
Despite the fact that Allo resembles some other messaging app, its savvy feature is its brilliant answer. As you approach your connections, Allo will analyse the context of what you’re stating and offer a set of one-tap reactions you can use to spare time. For example, you can send a fast “yes” in light of a companion asking “Are you at work?”.

Express yourself
Talking with your friends as well as family will simply get more fun. Allo gives you a chance to make emoticons and text larger or smaller in estimate by basically dragging the send button up or down. Allo likewise has a more extensive cluster of around 25 custom sticker packs and even enables the user to jot on pictures before sending it over.

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Today, Whatsapp is without a doubt the pioneer of the instant messaging world however with these one of a kind elements to offer, Allo is fit for leading soon. We should pause and watch to check whether Allo can win the race or not!
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