The Benefits Of Apk Files That You Should Know

Updated: October 2, 2018
The Benefits Of Apk Files That You Should Know

The applications that we regularly install an update on our mobile devices are somewhat important to use, as the weather application, music application, and of course the social media applications that we regularly use like most probably on a daily basis, then there are those speciality apps that we rooted for a long time since it was first announced, however, it is not for free.

A lot of good applications are developed to profit. In order for you to enjoy all the benefits and features of that application, you must first register, pay a subscription and other things that include monetary involvement.

Paid applications also include gaming where you have to pay for an item for your character, or skip a level, or enhance your total gaming experience as it unlocks several features if you are willing to pay for it. This has been a common heartache for most smartphone users who are not willing shed out cash just for the sake of enjoying their mobile application experience.


However, this is a doomed fate considering that a lot of developers who remain in the dark who secretly develops applications that we found in Google Play Store where you can download and enjoy everything of it for free. This is through Android Package Kit (APK), a technique, where an application is converted into a compressed file that, after being unpacked with an archiver such as WinRAR or 7zip and can be extracted to your phone where you can install it directly. You can download APK files on the internet with various websites dedicated to this kind of files like appmirror.

In this article, let us talk about the five benefits of APK files that you need to know so take time to read and learn something new today.

  1. ALL-ACCESS- If you download APK files in advance, you can gain an all-access to new and exciting application features that most users cannot access. You can freely listen or skip music instantly without paying a single penny. Unlock new stages of your favourite mobile game without paying or using your credit card, or even install a lot of applications that are not available in your country.
  2. NO BOUNDARIES- Like what we mentioned above, you can install applications that are only available to certain regions. Most good applications that we usually see being advertised is restricted to some countries which sounds totally unfair. APK files will give you the chance to download it for free where you can install it in your phone and enjoy what the application offers. This is because developers of APK files use a different kind of reverse engineering where they encrypt the source code of the file that makes it exclusive to some regions and make it totally installable in any countries around the world.

3.      ALWAYS UPDATED- There are instances that our applications encounter glitches and sometimes malfunctions because it needs to be updated but our Android mobile device is not yet available to be updated that is why there are also system updates and other important updates and patches we can download via APK files.