Grand Theft Auto IV review

Updated: June 8, 2017

As the game, Grand Theft Auto IV is open world, it allows many other players to get in freely in the 3 main islands of the city. Action is when you are blowing cars up, shoot the cops, assisting low lifes, affecting the civilians etc. Grand theft IV is not just another action game but gives you elevations of a true action drama and makes it the best game. Learn more about gta 5 crack here at

What makes it so popular?

The game gives a real time drama in action with a lot of things happening while playing Niko Bellic. The feel of the city which is inspired by New York city and makes things more real. The game also includes incidents that you would see in a real life in any city like people driving, helping others, traffic, pedestrians, news, songs, etc. Apart from all this, you also have action scenes, calls, connecting with friends and hanging around with them. Overall, it is a real life kind of action game which makes it most popular.


Grand Theft Auto IV review 1

  1. Niko Bellic’s character: He comes to Liberty city with nearly nothing in his hand and makes his living by killing. Throughout the game you will come across Niko as an angry, moral less, killer but later you find out that he is broken from inside. His character is built such that it enhances the storyline as helps to build it as well.
  2. Liberty City: Liberty City is constructed inspired by New York City and hence, it gives a very real feel of the city. It has many building which give you a real feel with things like allowing you to take the stairs and go up -many of the buildings are not accessible though, traffic, pedestrians, people helping others. It just gives a feel of a real scenario where you can see moving traffic and many incidents as in the case of a real life. Apart from the real feel that you get in the making of the city, there are also about 200 songs which refer to the city in many occasions and to add, these tracks are a mix of pop, rock, hip-hop, R&B and reggae.

There is access to phone, internet and radio as well like what happens in real. As you walk on the road, you will see posters, radio playing, read the news and even browse the internet. News is available on the internet about the missions that Niko has completed. You can choose to read it or ignore it. Go through the gta 5 crack here.

  1. To add more, there is a cell phone that Niko has which gets calls and messages and you get into action and on a mission. You can talk while on the phone while you go through the police security points. The phone also helps in setting up reminders for events and you even get casual calls on it.

Niko even hangs out with friends and strengthen you relationships with them.