Cheats and Hacks: How They Can Make Games More Fun

Updated: February 22, 2017

Cheating and hacking in video games involves the players using nonstandard methods to come up with an advantage or a disadvantage that goes beyond the normal game play. This is generally aimed at making the game harder or easier. A cheat or a hack can be activated within the game itself through implementation of a cheat code by the game developer, or introduced by a game trainer or a cheat cartridge. Cheats and hacks can also be created by exploitation of software bugs.

The use of cheats and hacks exists in almost all multiplayer games. Although there have been a history of of cheat codes designed to make single player games more fun and easy, developers have always tried to avoid and reduce these issues in multiplayer games. After the now popular multiplayer games were introduced into the internet, cheating took a whole new dimension. In the past, it was easy to tell if the other player was cheating as most online games were played on consoles or through local networks. This was however changed by the increase in multiplayer games by the internet, giving players anonymity and a platform to communicate about cheats.


A good example of a site that provides VIP hacks to the 1st person shooter games is which can be accessed through Examples of cheats and hacks provided for the first person shooter includes the aimbot, which works by assisting the player to have a proper aim, at the target, which in turn will give the user an advantage. The other one is the wallhack which gives the user the ability to see through opaque walls and manipulate/ remove textures. another hack which can be used is the ESP which displays all the information about the competition player. There are also other cheats that enlarge the size of the enemy making it easier to target and shoot them. An example of these cheats is the hitbox. The user usually ends up missing the target but the game will record it as a hit.

Another practice that can be considered as a cheat in role playing games is twinking, which involves the activity of passing of items that are considered valuable in the game but are not available at the character level of a player. In other online card trading games, the creation of many accounts by the use of a jailbreaking device in order to leap more rewards is considered as a cheat because this advantage cannot be enjoyed by players who own only one account.

For online multiplayer games, players can use macro scripts which makes the players action automatic by automatically finding items and defeating enemies in place of the player. Another type of hack is injection of a code which consists of modifying the game’s executable code when the game is running. This can be done by using Poke commands. Another method of hacking is editing an already saved game in order to modify the data contained in the game. The most popular means of such kind of editing is by the use of Hex Editors, which works by giving the user a large sum of money in games that require strategy.