Local Business Listing is Important for SEO

Updated: January 16, 2019

There is a great connection between local business listings and search engine optimization. Local SEO is the optimization of your website to increase its ranking on Google search result pages during local searches.

There is a slight difference between optimizing your site for organic searches and doing it for local searches. Local searches rely on a number of distinct factors that do not count in regular SEO. One of those factors is local business listings. Local business listings are a way to promote your business to the local audience, an idea that may have come from the old tradition of yellow pages or local newspaper advertising.

Albeit it may sound complex, the concept of local business listings is actually pretty easy and comprehensible. What’s more, you don’t have to pay any money to set up a business listing. For more comprehensive and relevant listings, however, you need an expert listing agency such as Navads Better Local Listing Platform by your side. Read on for ways well-crafted business listings can improve your website’s SEO:

Listings improve your site visibility

A listing that bears business-specific details such as name, location, address, and contact information as well as descriptive media such as images and videos highly increases your online visibility. It works by providing the search engines with an alternative channel through which they can view your website and try to understand the products or services you sell.

Local business listings provide inbound links

Even if you are well-acquainted with the business listings concept, you may have not thought about it being a good source of backlinks to your website. There are many online local business directories that provide you with the option to insert a few links to your website in the listing. These links are not treated any different from the normal backlinks that Google uses to determine a website’s authority.

A comprehensive but straightforward listing can grab the interest of a potential customer and instead of them looking your business up separately, they use an embedded link to access your website. Most online directories are treated as authority sites as well and links coming from it can be considered of high quality.

They generate traffic to your website

It is obvious that the higher the traffic to a website, the higher the conversions, but that’s not the only reason traffic is important. Google’s algorithm uses traffic as one way to appraise a website’s credibility, which is a powerful ranking factor.

By having your business’s details in an online business directory, you stand a chance to rank high in searches that target your business type. When someone types the keyword together with location in the search box, your profile is searchable and you might find yourself in the search results’ top pages. This helps increase the number of potential customers your website is visible to and of course the number of users that click through. The idea for any entrepreneur with a website has always been to get as many visitors as possible to their site.