Benefits of virtual SMS online marketing

Updated: December 18, 2018
virtual sms online

SMS has become the most preferred and effective multi-channel marketing. Countless companies and business establishments of various sectors are making use of the SMS marketing for instant and direct communication with the customers. It is said that good numbers of present generation spend most part of their free time with the mobiles. Hence, SMS marketing takes the message to the targeted customers in a faster way when compared with other forms of marketing and promotional methods. Now, there are several SMS companies who provide best SMS gateways and virtual SMS numbers to send SMS without the help of any of the third parties.

Importance of virtual SMS

SMS sending from the online platform is entirely different from sending SMS from your mobile phone. It is not practical to save the contact numbers of all of the customers in a mobile to send and receive messages to and from customers. SMS service providers provide a number called the virtual number that is similar to that of common mobile number to use online for SMS sending purposes. This number looks like a personal number and hence virtual sms online get the immediate attention of the customers. It is found that most of the people simply delete the message that comes from an alphanumeric number and give attention to the messages that come from a number that looks to be personal.

Direct reach

SMS is one of the best direct channels available for marketing and promotion with more than 97% of read rate within 10 minute of receiving the message. It is quite natural that most of the mobile users check for new messages and social media updates at least once in every ten minutes. This increases the productivity of the marketing campaign and brings the customers frequently to the business. Virtual SMS number enable the customers to send reply message or to make calls to the number that is not possible with alphanumeric SMS number.

Targeted customer

All of the marketing or promotional tools like advertising in multiple channels, banner marketing, display boards focus on the general public. On the other hands SMS sending focus on the targeted customers. You can send messages to the targeted customer based on location, type, inquiries made and more. With SMS marketing, you can send the right message to the deserving customers to increase the response rate. This is one of the unique benefits of SMS marketing and the rate of response increases when you make use of the virtual number.

Study your customers virtual sms online

Feedback from customers is so important for the development of the business. This is the reason why most of the companies send feedback messages to the customers. This provides the customers with great opportunity to share their thoughts and suggestions with the company. The private virtual number sms helps the customers to send messages and to make calls regarding the quality of the products and services. This helps the companies to study about the customers and to make necessary changes in the products and services accordingly to hold the existing customer and to invite new customers.

Now, it is the time to make use of the best SMS sending service to keep the customers with your business for a long period of time.