How To Install Printer Drivers Without The Disc?

Updated: April 25, 2017
Install Printer Drivers

A printer is a well known device used for printing documents, logos and even banners irrespective of the paper quality that you are putting in it. However, for every computer to get connected with the printer there requires a disc which makes it convenient to install. But sometimes, printer installation can be done without a disc and if you have never tried it earlier then certainly this is the right page where you have landed up.

Know why you need to install a printer:

The reason why you need to install a printer is to make sure that your computer communicates properly. For this, you would have to install the driver for the installation. Usually you get a kit with the printer which a manufacturer offers. The disc is nothing but the driver that needs to be installed for the printers to operate. All you need is to insert the disc and follow the whole instruction. But if you haven’t received such disc then there is nothing to worry as you can install the printer without a disc. Here are things that you need to know how it works:

Follow The pointers to Understand the process:

  • You need to be clear about your printer model which you can find out written on the top of the printer
  • Before you start with the downloading process, know which operating system you have on your PC. In case you are not aware about it, you need to right click on the folder called ‘My Computers’ and select the properties selection in which you will see a general Tab category where you can see which version of windows are you currently using.
  • Once you understand which operating system you have, you need to visit the printer website and type the model number of the printer that you have purchased. You can also type on the Goggle the name of the printer and get the driver.
  • Once you get the drivers link, follow the instructions as given and after the installation process is over restart your computer and get the printing test done.

If you are not able to print the documents, you might want to check certainly cable connections and see if they are properly connected. Also see if the drivers are installed well. You can perform the conformation action easily by printing a document. If you are still not able to do the same then you will have to contact the technical support who holds a good experience and knowledge in this field. The persona can then guide you at every step and resolve your issue in less time span. With so much competition that has been seen around the world, it is quite obvious that the support team will get back to you in the less time span.

Printing is one important thing especially for those who work from home or have the documents that frequently need to be printed. Make sure you have all the best possible precautions ready with you to get the printing done smoothly.