Text Message Spy: Here’s How It Works

Updated: April 24, 2017

With the popularity of text messages, applications designed specifically to access data and messages were bound to appear in the market. There are plenty of spy text applications available in the market today. The purpose of the development of all of these apps was to address the same concern: how to read someone’s text messages without their phone. Free applications to spy on text messages, however, usually end up having hidden charges and the quality of service may not be up to the mark.

A new application, which can be found at https://www.mspy.com/text-message-spy.html, has been developed for this very purpose. Available for download on both Android and iPhone, Text Message Spy is a one-of-its-kind application with a large variety of features. Since text messages are not the only data one aims to acquire from a target phone these days, Text Message Spy caters to all aspects of phone spying.

Which features does Text Message Spy have?

Apart from accessing text messages of the target phone, Text Message Spy allows users to find out the location of the target phone using GPS. All of the incoming and outgoing calls of the target phone can also be tracked using Text Message Spy. The duration of each call, along with the time when the call was made or received can be viewed using this application. It is also possible to monitor to track all of the messages from WhatsApp.

Once a mobile device is set as your target device using Text Message Spy, you can also access the Snapchat media inflow and outflow of this phone using the application. The Snapchat media which can be remotely accessed includes photos, videos and hand-made drawings of the account which was set up on the target phone.

Text Message Spy

A few other features available on Text Message Spy are:

1.Reading emails

2.Monitoring Internet use

3.Accessing calendars and address books

4.Viewing multimedia files

5.Controlling access of apps and programs on the target phone

Additionally, you can speak to a team of representatives for customer service in case you have any problems with Text Message Spy. The 24-hour helpline allows users to report any issues and request assistance with using the app at any time of the day.

How does Text Message Spy work?

Before you can start remotely accessing data and messages on target phones, you must buy a subscription and install the application. You must, however, agree that you will only use the application for legal purposes such as monitoring the activity on your child’s phone to ensure their safety, or monitor your employee’s phone to find out if they are leaking any confidential information.

Data from the target device is then visible on the control panel of the application which you have installed. This data can be viewed using any internet browser. Text Message Spy requires you to have complete authorized physical access to the phone you wish to target. Once you fill out the order form, a download link will be provided with instructions from which you will be able to download the application to spy text messages and other data for the right reasons.