Mobile Fantasies: When You Just Can’t Get Enough of Your RPGs, Mobile Apps are Here to Help

Updated: April 23, 2018

Gaming is something we all enjoy, so why not take your favorites with you? Getting immersed in an RPG is a great way to spend a few hours when you’re traveling. With the rise of mobile apps, you can now continue your cyber adventures wherever life takes you.

Fill the void when you’re away from your console

There are a whole host of fantastic mobile apps out there if you love a good RPG. Games like are a fun way to extend your console adventures to the palm of your hand. The great thing about this is that it allows you to really buy into a franchise and take it wherever you go. Ideal if you want to escape from the lunchroom or kill some time as you commute on the train. The way in which games are adapted for the small screen makes all the difference to their playability.

That means you can make significant progress and have fun even if you play in short 5-minute bursts.

Mobile gaming apps offer different functionality to their console counterparts

Something that a number of RPGs like Doom and Destiny advanced do well is make a feature of the mobile screen. By being able to tilt the screen and see something different you get something console gaming can’t offer you. There’s also the touch screen element that more than makes up for not having a d-pad at your fingertips. And remember the days of cheat codes being used to unlock things if you can enter the right combination? Mobile apps offer simple in-app purchase or time-based progression instead.

That not only makes RPGs more playable, but it also gives you an added incentive to check your app each morning. All these little bits all add up to make a friendly and approachable gaming format that compliments your console adventures.

The mobile gaming explosion is opening up RPGs to indy developers who bring fresh ideas to the party

When you just can’t get enough of your RPGs, there’s nothing more fun than stumbling across something new and exciting. With mobile app development bigger business than ever, there are plenty of new kids on the block getting in on the act. This means that you’ll get to play plenty of games that break with the status quo.

Take a quick look at some of the best 2018 has to offer and you’ll see much more variation than in the console world. By breathing fresh air into the world of gaming, this new trend will make you fall in love with RPGs all over again. Perfect, if you want to remember what it was like to play all the big games for the first time as a kid.

Hopefully, this quick article has given you a flavor of how mobile apps are breathing new life into the world of RPGs. They’re so playable, and you can play them wherever you are. And that means turning your phone into the ultimate gaming machine has never been easier.