Is the Crestron Home Automation System Better Than Savant?

Updated: December 19, 2018
home automation systems

If you are searching for the best home automation system, but are unsure which system to invest in, then look no further than this article. Crestron and Savant are arguably two of the most well-known systems in the market at the momentand both come widely recommended. So, we thought we would take a look at these two different home automation systems in turn. It can be difficult to select a system if you have never used a home automation system before, and we know many of you will be in that position. With this in mind, yhis is why we thought we would take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each system.


Crestron are a company who have been constantly refining and improving their products each year for the last forty years.This is why they have built up such a goodreputation. Crestron somehow manage to improve their product each year, which makes people sit up and take notice. Crestron systemsare able to provide a wide range of solutions for everything from home security and lighting to entertainment and more. We would recommend the Crestron system for large installations that require a lot of customization.

home automation systems


Savant are another big name in the industry, but they may not be as well-known as Crestron. They are growing their reputation for smaller installations that don’t require a huge amount of customization. This makes them ideal for apartments.A good advantage of the Savant home automation product is that the system is compatible with Apple products. They have placed a lot of attention on the user experience and some prefer it to that of Crestron.

Which System To Buy?

Whatever system you buy, you will definitely not be disappointed. We would recommend that you contact a home automation installation expert in your area for a consultation.

Crestron is a better solution for those with big houses, while Savant systems are perfect for those who live in a smaller apartment and don’t need customisation.

Take time to do your research to make sure you are choosing the right system for your own personal needs. We would advise you go with a company that employs their own programmers, such as Custom Controls, as they tend to offer the best service.